2018 Re|focus Sustainability & Recycling Summit

May 8-10, 2018



Discover new ways to think about plastics manufacturing at the 2018 Re|focus Sustainability & Recycling Summit. It’s your chance to network with thought leaders and tackle innovations in end-market opportunities that expand the horizons for recycled and sustainability in manufactured plastics.


Here's a preview of this year’s keynote presentation:


Using Dell Innovation and Supply Chain to Tackle Ocean Plastic
Oliver Campbell, Director, Worldwide Procurement & Packaging Dell Technologies

Business can be a force for tackling our toughest environmental challenges. Oliver Campbell will share how Dell utilized its strengths in innovation and supply chain to address the ocean plastic crisis. Learn more about Oliver Campbell.

Co-located with NPE2018: The Plastics Show, this year’s summit gives recycling professionals access to revolutionary equipment, reliable supplies, and processors and brand owners seeking sustainable solutions for their businesses. 


Re|focus Sustainability & Recycling Summit Sessions:

Recycling Game Changer:  Moving Beyond Mechanical Recycling
(PLASTICS Material Supplier Council)
What if plastics could be infinitely recycled with limitless applications?  What was once just a lofty goal could become a new reality with emerging technologies like chemical recycling and solvent extraction.  This session will feature some of the cutting edge technologies that are expanding the boundaries of traditional recycling and allowing the industry to break through the barriers of mechanical recycling.
Additives For Upcycling
(PLASTICS Recycling Committee)
Despite the ability to recycle plastics to very high purity levels, the physical properties of mechanically recycled plastics often do not hit the same properties of their virgin counterpart.  New additives are being introduced to the recycling industry that helps boost properties of recycled plastics.  This session will explore the latest in additive compounding that has the potential to return recycled plastics back to near-virgin like properties. 
Under One Roof: Investing In Onsite Plastic Reprocessing At MRFs
(Recycling Today & Plastics Recycling Magazine)
With global markets changing rapidly, some operators of material recovery facilities (MRFs) are taking steps to upgrade and integrate enhanced plastic reprocessing capabilities. This means taking out unnecessary profit points with additional transactions and maximizing profit on value add services.  Hear what some are doing and what’s possible in this informative session.
Advances In Composite Recycling
(SPE Sustainability Division)
Many composites are high-value, highly engineered materials. Until recently, however, post-consumer composites had little to no value and were regularly disposed of in landfills. If any value was recovered at all, it was most likely through energy recovery. That is starting to change as companies are developing commercial recycling processes for composite materials. Whereas recycling homogeneous resins alone may be difficult, recycling technologies that recover value from mixed-systems are often some of the most complex and intricate. The product they recover, however, maybe some of the most valuable recycle feed stream available. This session will explore the leading successes in the world of composite recycling.
Innovations In Bioplastics
(PLASTICS Bioplastics Division)
Bioplastic polymers exhibit unique functional attributes, such as being biobased and/or exhibiting biodegradability. With increased consumer and brand owner interest, the bioplastics industry is expected to increase production by 50% over the next 5 years. This session will explore recent trends in the industry, including new polymers, products, and production.


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