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We’re one year out from #NPE2018 and we think that deserves a little celebration!

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Inspiring start to the day - Pres Obama's speechwriter @CodyKeenan talking about the ability to tell a good story @PLASTICS_US #UnusualBiz

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Jay Gardiner, Plastics Academy President, presides over the 2017 Posthumous Hall of Fame! #UnusualBiz @PLASTICS_US

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"What keeps you up at night?" Plastics industry professionals tackling the tough stuff. #UnusualBiz @PLASTICS_US

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In case you missed it: take a look at yesterday's plenary session at the 2017 Spring National Board Meeting.……

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@UYimpact @TheBreakers Thank you for your fantastic work!

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"Sustainability is not always intuitive and it's too important to do by guessing" Jeff Wooster of @DowPackaging #UnusualBiz #sustainability

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Keelan Group CEO optimistic on bipartisan #Infrastructure Investment efforts moving forward this year. @mattkeelen @PLASTICS_US #UnusualBiz


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