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@NPEtradeshow thanks for the shout out! Great to meet you! #getthemetalout

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Got to meet some great people from @NPEtradeshow @SPI_4_Plastics thanks for the complements! #getthemetalout #NPE2015

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Need to prepare for the Elite 8? Head to @PCS_company at W3173 for some practice. #npe2015

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The Flyer auto profile control air ring @SyncroGroupsrl booth #6687

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@NPEtradeshow Stop by our friends at Sorema (# W8162) and Boucheire USA (# W7285). Have a great last day of #NPE2015!

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Thank you to all of our sponsors for supporting #NPE2015 and helping make it the best one yet!

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Bunting's high intensity separation conveyor has highest gauss level of magnetic energy @BuntingMagCo booth #w5563

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Eliminate simple ultrasonic automation without the PLC @DukaneIAS booth #w4691

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Have you checked out the @PlasticsNews showdailies? It's a great way to see what you may have missed

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