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"In the changing world of plastics, we have to stay relevant." @bcarteaux #plastics #branding #manufacturing

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SPI rebrands as Plastics Industry Association, aka PLASTICS @PLASTICS_US

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What an exciting day and time to be a part of this! All about making both our industry and our world better each an……

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Big day! New identity. Same support. @PLASTICS_US

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Our new #logo represents the six facets of the #plasticsindustry supply chain.…

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Thank you for sharing! @MarshallLeslie

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SPI's new name and look to 'evolve the way people think about plastics'… @plasticsnews @PLASTICS_US

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Almost 80 years helping the #plastics industry improve and innovate. It’s our turn! New identity. Same support.……


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