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According to @EuBioplastics, bioplastics are suitable many end-of-life options, including reuse, mechanical recycli……

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@Pkkrieger @compostable @Reuters Great point, @Pkkrieger! Infrastructure initiatives are key! #BioplasticsWeek

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According to @Reuters, Mexico’s booming bioplastics market is transforming tequila, avocado & corn into bags, plate……

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@BioPreferred @compostable @EUBioplastics @USDA_ARS We agree, bioplastics definitely have a 'cool factor'! #BioplasticsWeek

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This year, many companies announced they’ll be using bioplastics in their products – take @Lego for example! What’s……

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Bioplastics can help to reduce reliance on fossil fuels, support sustainability initiatives & allow manufacturers t……

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We're excited to talk bioplastics with you today! First question will be posted in 30 mins. #BioplasticsWeek…


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