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@LRCollard We're so glad you like it, Lynzie! How about #ThisIsPlastics?

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#TrumpTariffs: PLASTICS President and CEO urges Trump administration to reconsider "dangerous, disruptive approach……

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From heart valves to helmets, plastics are paving the way for a safer, healthier & more sustainable future. Learn m……

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#ThisIsPlastics Trivia: Reinforced plastic can absorb ___ times as much energy as steel, making cars safer and more……

Struktol Company of America

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Experience the 1.2 million net square feet of sold-out exhibit floor space at #NPE2018 in 60 seconds – no walking r……

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Today, we remember the sacrifices made by many to provide freedom for all. Thank you. #MemorialDay

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Are you plastics proud? Join us in Washington D.C. for the Plastics Industry Fly-In, September 12-14. Be ready to e……

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Do you have a pulse on legislation that affects your business? Our VP of Government Affairs, Scott DeFife, talks NA……

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Decode the symbols on the bottom of your plastic containers with #ThisIsPlastics:


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