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Making the #plastics industry more #sustainable is our priority. Read more about our efforts:……

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#GPlasticsSummit is quickly approaching! Register by Friday, August 25 and receive Early Bird pricing @IHS4Chemical

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Soon, you could be collecting ocean plastics instead of “stardust” on Pokémon Go app:

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Our Chief Economist, @PercPineda , weighs in on July’s retail sales here:

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What do sunglasses, park benches and clothing lines have in common? They’re being made w/ recycled ocean plastics:……

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The six questions about #recycling you were too scared to ask, answered here:

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The deadline is approaching for nominations to the Plastics Hall of Fame. The Plastics Academy is looking for living…

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Farmers in MN and WI are recycling #plastics from their farm into trash bags used in local parks. Read more:……

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No matter what your job function, "We’ve Got You Covered." #NPE2018

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Healthcare plastics are high-quality and have tons of potential for reuse. So, why aren’t they being #recycled?……


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