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We need a paradigm shift. Can we sacrifice cosmetic perfection to increase the use of #recycled plastic? #Refocus17

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Will you be at #Refocus17? Don't miss your chance to join the challenge to reimagine the plastics industry. Sign up:

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#Symposium17 kicked off with an introduction from @CocaCola 's Jim Huang. We look forward to more food packaging conversations this week.

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Our CEO @bcarteaux speaking at the CMA CEO roundtable today…

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Today, we are discussing plastic’s importance in medical applications at PMDAC’s summer meeting. Learn more:

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#NBAFinals are over. Did you know plastic courts by @VersaCourt can help players practice strain-free? #WeMadeThat

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The international pavilions at #NPE2018 allow you to go global without leaving #Orlando.…

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Even @ScottiePippen agrees, plastic is bringing new life to basketball. See how: #CH3 #WeMadeThat #NBAFinals

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We’re thrilled to partner with @OSHA_DOL for #SafeAndSound week. How are you committed to workplace safety?……


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