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Beat this sweltering heat with plastic. This plastic film can cool whatever it touches by 10 degrees. See more:

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Global Plastics Summit returns to Chicago in October @PLASTICS_US @IHS

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Read about the resources/projects that aim make multi-material flexible packaging more sustainable: @SPCspotlight

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Have a stand-out innovation in bioplastics? Enter to win the Innovations in Bioplastics Award here:

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These students are helping their community by making mats for the homeless out of recycled #plastic bags. Read more:

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A new polymer coating provides a non-invasive way to test for bladder cancer. Learn more:

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Antimicrobial #plastic helps keep hospitals clean by repelling and even killing bacteria on surfaces. Learn more:……

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Plastic parts in #pacemakers help hearts go pitter-patter. #WeMadeThat Learn more:

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Make a difference in your community and implement the @Hefty #EnergyBag program with a $50k grant and help from……

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Plastics are saving lives around the world by making innovations in #healthcare possible. See the impact here:


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