Technology Zones

We've got the latest technology covered.

What's the best way to create game-changing products? Get connected to the newest equipment and processes transforming the plastics industry. NPE2018 Technology Zones provide you with access to the latest innovations and state-of-the-art technology needed to compare equipment and make the right buying decisions. And it's all found in the NPE2018 Technology Zones right on the show floor! Please note, all pavilions are located on the South Hall exhibit floor.

  • Bottle Zone

    The Bottle Zone will feature companies providing equipment or services such as PET pre forms, bottling molds, labeling, filling, closures, bottle design, inspection equipment, and more. 

  • Business/Financial

    Revolutionizing the plastics industry is a tall task. And managing this industry is equally as daunting. The Business/Financial Pavilion will feature companies such as publishing, educational, research, consulting partnerships or corporations, etc., that devote a significant part of its efforts to the plastics industry, or renders professional services (including, among others, banks, insurance companies, software development, utilities and state economic development agencies).  Also industrial services (such as transportation firms, contract packagers, warehouses, etc.) to plastics industry companies.

  • Flexible Vinyl

    Flexible vinyl, such as PVC, serves many purposes allowing it to be used in a wide range of products for the Medical, Automotive, Construction, Packaging, and Consumer Products industries. The Flexible Vinyl zone will feature both plastisols (liquids) and solids (pellets, cubes, powders, etc.) material companies.

  • Material Science 

    Increasing your product line can involve shrinking your product's size. Material science is playing a key role in revolutionizing many of the products consumers are buying, from appliances to electronics. The Materials Science zone will showcase innovations in materials and exhibiting the class of "performance materials."

  • Medical Parts Processing 

    The Medical Parts Zine will feature plastics in medical devices and diagnostics including plastics materials and plastics processing companies.

  • Moldmaking

    Mold making is the cornerstone in manufacturing for many products used by consumers today. Mold making gives you the ability to cast your plastic product into any shape imaginable, allowing you to produce high quantities of the same product, efficiently and cost-effectively. The Moldmaking Zone will feature manufacturers of plastic part molds (excluding bottle and container molds).

  • 3D/4D Printing 

    The 3D/4D Zone will feature companies involved in the area of 3D/4D printing and additive manufacturing. 

  • Processors

    From blow-molding to extrusion to injection molding, processors use many techniques to transform raw plastic materials into the everyday products used by consumers. The Processors Pavilion will feature manufacturers of plastics products (injection molding, blow molding, thermoforming, extrusion, transfer molding, compression molding, etc.).

  • Re|focus Sustainability & Recycling Summit

    NPE2018 is committed to leading the industry in reaching one goal: zero waste. Re|focus offers plastics and recycling supplier, equipment, and service companies the opportunity to connect with processors and brand owners seeking solutions around sustainability and recycling.

  • Thermoforming

    The thermoforming zone will feature thermoformers or suppliers to this market sector, whether thin- or thick-gauge.