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Baerlocher USA

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Baerlocher USA Launches at NPE 2018 New Additive in Next Generation of Baeropol® RST Stabilization Technology for Polyolefins

Baerlocher USA, part of Baerlocher Group, a leading global supplier of plastics additives, introduced here today at NPE 2018, May 7-11 (booth S14189), the next generation of its industry-leading Baeropol® RST resin stabilization technology. Baeropol DRS 6812, the newest product from Baerlocher USA’s Special Additives division, is a key component of the company’s expanding Baeropol RST global technology platform. The new additive delivers improvements in melt stability, polymer color and antioxidant solubility – all critical elements for stabilizing and recycling resins – and can be used as a 1:1 direct replacement for most secondary phosphite antioxidants.

Baerlocher USA Highlights Broad Customization Capabilities, Technical Expertise in PVC Lubricants and Stabilizers at NPE 2018

Baerlocher USA, part of Baerlocher Group, a leading global supplier of plastics additives, is showcasing here at NPE 2018 (booth S14189) its industry-leading capabilities for customizing additive blends to optimize polyvinyl chloride (PVC) applications. In particular, the company is spotlighting its unique one-packs featuring Baerolub® lubricants and Baeropan® stabilizers, plus other additives to address individual customer requirements. Baerlocher is also exhibiting its steadily expanding portfolio of single-component Baerolub lubricants for converters and compounders choosing to formulate in house. Additionally, the company has developed a next-generation Baeropan stabilization technology for the wear layer of luxury vinyl tile (LVT) that delivers crystal clarity and non-yellowing color without potentially hazardous chemicals such as barium. It also offers new Baeropan products for rigid core wood plastic composite (WPC) and stone plastic composite (SPC), also for LVT.

Baerlocher USA Showcases at NPE 2018 Multifaceted Expansion Strategy to Meet New Additive Challenges for the Polymer Industry

Baerlocher USA, part of Baerlocher Group, a leading global supplier of plastics additives, is highlighting at NPE 2018 (booth S14189), May 7-11, its business expansion strategy that addresses the polymer industry’s changing demands and requirements. As underscored by its larger presence at this year’s NPE, the company has added a growing range of new products – including innovative Baeropol® RST, Baerolub® and Baeropan® additive technologies – and significantly increased its United States production capacity for metal soaps. During the event, Baerlocher USA is offering customers complimentary consultations with top authorities in polymer additive science. This includes one-on-one meetings with Robert L. Sherman, Jr., Ph.D., technical director for the company’s Special Additives division, who is presenting a paper at ANTEC 2018 and chairing the Society of Plastics Engineers’ (SPE) Polymer Modifier and Additives Division sessions. ANTEC is running concurrently with NPE 2018.

Baerlocher Views Petrochemical Capacity Increases, Sustainability and Recycling as Keys to Driving Polyolefin Additive Growth

Baerlocher USA, part of Baerlocher Group, a leading global supplier of plastics additives, is featuring here at NPE 2018, May 7-11 (booth S14189), a range of strategic solutions that target major trends challenging polymer manufactures and resin converters in the polyolefin industry. These trends include potential shortages of additives for resins such as polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP). Baerlocher® RST technology is one additive solution that addresses polyolefin recycling, allowing polymer industry players to, in turn, address society’s sustainability concerns.