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Balcon Enterprises

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It feels good to save money on your shipping products. Until your shipping products fail, and you have a ginormous mess on your hands. And before you know it, you’ve lost time and money. Face it; wimpy containers don’t cut it. Precisely why you should ask for Gaylord boxes, FIBC bulk bags, liners, tape, film and pallets from Balcon Enterprises. When handled properly, they can withstand their fair share of abuse. After all, when you put stuff in a container, you expect that stuff to stay there until you decide it should come out. Not the other way around. So, insist on the toughest boxes and bags around. Insist on Helluva. It’s the difference between buying for performance versus buying for price. Helluva Container, a Balcon Enterprises company, is one of the largest providers of FIBC Bulk Bags and new and used Gaylord Boxes throughout the US. We also buy used Gaylord boxes. We are a Midwestern company with Midwestern values and have distribution locations across the country, so we can ship what you need for less. Because every penny counts. We’re not Kinduva, Gooduva or Okayuva. We’re Helluva. Stop by booth S22196 to see the difference.

One Helluva Bag

Helluva Container, a Balcon Enterprises company, offers BRC-certified food grade bags in an array of custom sizes and configurations. Stop by booth #S22196 to see one Helluva bag. Helluva flexible intermediate bulk bags are built to be pulled, pushed, yanked, lifted, stuffed, stretched and dropped. What goes in, stays in, safely, until you decide it needs to come out. How do Helluva bulk bags hold off competing packaging options?