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Frigel North America

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A First: Portable Chillers Capture Energy Data for Improved Productivity & Profitability

Microgel machine-side chiller/temperature control units (TCUs) with digital controls now lets users capture energy consumption data to further increase productivity and profitability. The ability of the Microgel units to display and record historical process cooling energy data marks an industry first.

Turbogel TCUs with VFDs & Digital Flow Meters Deliver Highly Efficient, Accurate & Cost-Effective Temperature Control

Turbogel water temperature control units (TCUs) are available with Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) and digital flow meters for highly efficient, accurate and cost-effective temperature control in a wide range of plastics process cooling applications.

Microgel Chiller/TCUs with CT Option Works Seamlessly with Cooling Towers for Improved Productivity, Profitability & Quality for All Plastics Processing Operations

Microgel combination Chiller/Temperature Control Units (TCUs) can now be configured with a CT Option, allowing them to work seamlessly with open cooling towers. The latest advancement from the pioneer in intelligent process cooling gives all plastics processors the ability to leverage the unique chiller/TCUs to improve productivity, profitability and quality – not just those who use a Frigel Ecodry closed-loop adiabatic central cooling system as a preferred process-cooling water source. The Microgel has proven to deliver better part quality, less scrap and cycle time improvements typically up to 20 percent.

Ecodry BWR Water Recovery System Raises the Bar in Sustainability

Frigel has taken sustainability in process cooling to new heights with its Ecodry BWR Water Recovery System, which gives users of the Frigel Ecodry 3DK Closed-Loop Adiabatic Central Coolers the ability to capture and reuse more water than previously possible. For decades companies with an Ecodry system have experienced the ability to automatically reduce water consumption by as much as 95 percent when compared with an open cooling tower. Now, users who equip the unit with the optional BWR Water Recovery System stand to gain an even higher level of water savings to achieve sustainability goals and save more costs.

Microgel RCP Chiller with Digital Controls Lets PET Preform & Large-Part Blow Molding Operations Further Optimize Productivity, Profitability & Quality

Frigel has extended digital controls to its Microgel RCP Chiller. With readily available data including energy consumption, the enhanced chiller gives processors in demanding polyethylene terephthalate (PET) preform and large-part blow molding operations the ability to more effectively optimize productivity, profitability and quality.

High-Temp HB-Therm® TCUs from Frigel Use Water Instead of Oil to Eliminate Environmental Concerns & More Safely Deliver Precise Cooling for North American Plastics Processors

HB-Therm® Temperature Control Units (TCUs) now available to plastics processors in North America use water – not synthetic oil – as a heat transfer fluid to cool plastic molds at operating temperatures of 200 degrees C (392 degrees F) to 230 degrees C (446 degrees F). The water HB-Therm TCUs from Frigel North America deliver precise cooling while eliminating environmental concerns associated with oil TCUs, which are often used to achieve high operating temperatures. Additionally, water as a heat transfer fluid is an inherently safer option than synthetic oil.