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HASCO America, Inc.

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Round Latch Locking Unit Z1790/… - Precise and reliable

HASCO has extended its range of proven latch locking units with an innovative, compact version that can be mounted on the inside – the round latch locking unit Z1790/... . Internally mounted latch locking units have the advantage of not increasing the dimensions of the injection mold and of ensuring reliable stages in the plate opening movement from a protected position inside the mold. The latch locking units with small space requirements permit strokes of between 30 and 130mm. The pulling bar Z1791/… can be fitted in both the intermediate plate and the clamping plate. The stroke can be adjusted as required by shortening the pulling bar. The housing can similarly be cut to length in order to align it to the plate thickness. The proven central locking system guarantees a high force transmission through its precise, interlocking connection. Another specific feature is that the pulled plate is locked, ensuring greater safety during production.

The new ejector pin Z410/… – precise and with an anti-twist head

Ejector pins with an anti-twist head permit the precise keying of individually contoured ejector or core pins in the mold. The new generation of HASCO ejector pins Z410/... with an anti-twist head offers optimum solutions in this respect. The keying surface on the cylindrical head permits a secure, clear mounting position in the mold. Individually contoured ejector or core pins can be precisely keyed. With a suitable design for the counterbore, the head geometry can also fulfil the function of a standard DIN ejector pin if required. The new ejector pins with their simple mounting geometry can be installed with perfect repeat accuracy, offering a precise and positive fit. They ensure clear-cut positioning. The surface area of the ejector head can be used in full, guaranteeing maximum stability. HASCO supplies the new ejector pins in hardened, hot-working steel. The pins can be further processed to suit individual requirements, including through additional heat treatment such as nitriding, or an additional coating. All sizes are available from stock.

New H6500 nozzle series, 1 nozzle – 1000 possibilities

The HASCO Vario Shot nozzle range has been extended by the H6500 nozzle series. In addition to a large number of other application areas, this series is particularly suitable for processing engineering and reinforced plastics. The innovative system nozzles screw into the hot runner manifold block and permit the production of fully assembled, ready-to-install hot runner systems. Immersion depths of up to 300 mm can be achieved, together with medium-sized injection moldings having a shot weight of up to 2000 g. The screw-in nozzles, developed on the basis of the Vario Shot series, guarantee complete exchangeability of all the relevant components, including the heating unit, thermocouple, nozzle tip and melt chambers. They also permit precise temperature control and easy servicing. The guaranteed leak-free, screwed connection between the nozzles and the manifold block ensures that the entire manifold system can be easily mounted and removed from the injection mold. This significantly facilitates servicing and maintenance work. The optimum distribution of the heating output, coupled with very small temperature losses in just the front centering zone, make for the best possible temperature profile. A precise and uniform temperature is achieved over the full length of the nozzle thanks to the ideal arrangement of the Fe-CuNi thermocouples and the efficient insulation from the cold mold. In this way, engineering plastics with limited temperature ranges can be reliably processed too. The streamlined torpedo tips made of an innovative high-tech alloy display excellent thermal conductivity and a high wear resistance; they guarantee an extremely low level of shear during mold filling. In designing the nozzle, key specifications included the biggest possible melt throughput for the smallest possible size, plus maximum stability. With their compact design, the nozzles fit into small spaces, allow tight pitches for multi-cavity applications and consume only a small amount of energy. A large selection of nozzle diameters and lengths makes for a broad performance range and a high degree of freedom in moldmaking. HASCO’s specialist advisors and application engineers are available to provide support in selecting the best design for a specific application.

HASCO innovations at NPE 2018

HASCO – the internationally agile supplier of modular metric standard components and accessories is presenting a large number of attractive innovations for tool and mold making at the NPE, May 7-11, 2018, South Hall Level 1 – Expo Hall – S26003. In the field of Mold Base Technology, the new products being presented include optimized locating guide bushings with a snap ring groove and new, individually printable nameplates for custom identification of you molds. Innovative lifting devices like the load ring and rotatable eye screw ensure the highest standards for lifting and moving molds. Additions to the range in the area of temperature control permit customized, practically oriented solutions for tool and mold making. Non-rotating ejector pins, flat ejector pins with two and four corner radii, adjuster plates for optimum pressure distribution, round mechanical cycle counters, newest stack mold components now in two sizes and a new round latch lock unit constitute a well-rounded range of innovative components, with constant further additions enabling flexible applications. Hot Runner Technology is presenting a new, user-friendly electronic control unit for the industry. This low-budget controller, which is both powerful and of a consistent high quality throughout, ensures maximum reliability during production. The Vario Shot nozzle series – "1 nozzle – 1000 possibilities" is being completed for the trade fair, and the last nozzle size, Type 50, will be on show. One particular highlight is the presentation of the new screw-in Vario Shot. This permits ready-to-mount systems designed and manufactured individually to customer specifications. Simple mounting and removal from the mold are guaranteed, as is freedom from leaks. Quick & Easy is the motto for the fully mounted and electrically wired hot runner system. An innovative latest development on the HASCO app is the new cartridge heater calculator for the simple calculation of the individually required heater output. New features in the HASCO Portal provide 24/7 support to moldmakers worldwide. HASCO offers its customers rapid and simple access to all the new developments and its complete product portfolio of more than 100,000 parts on-line at www.hasco.com.