Herbold Meckesheim USA

Herbold Meckesheim USA

David Lefrancois | info@herboldusa.com

Vertical Dryer Saves Energy

HVT series centrifugal dryers from Herbold USA provide gentle energy saving drying of regrind, especially hollow bodies, PET bottles, polyolefins and other plastics. The HVT’s distinguishing feature is its vertical rotor shaft, which ensures longer dwell time in the drying chamber. This vertical design also offers the added advantage of significant space savings versus horizontal systems. The refinement of the HVT’s internal geometry, including the rotor and housing minimizes the occurrence of fines and allows for greater yield.

Herbold Plastcompactor Features New Force Feed System

Herbold has introduced a new optional force feed mechanism for its popular line of HV Plastcompactor Densifiers used to agglomerate low bulk density material. The resulting agglomerate has a higher bulk density than the source material with improved flow characteristics. While traditional gravity feeding is appropriate in some cases, it is not ideal for materials like carpet fiber, film or polystyrene. The new force feeder mechanism uses an auger to convey material at a higher and more consistent feed rate to deliver increased throughput and reduced energy consumption.

Force Fed Granulator Has Oversized Rotor for Higher Throughput

Herbold USA has announced the availability of a new force fed granulator for size reduction of PET bottles. The Model SMS 100/160-9-2 SB3features a rotor that is 20% larger than current offerings. The additional size and mass of the rotor allows the granulator to operate at higher throughput rates (up to 7 tons per hour). Material is fed into the destruction chamber via a patented screw fed mechanism that utilizes 3 vertically mounted feeding screws. This feeding method offers several advantages over gravity feeding including consistent, even feed rates, reduced power consumption, no material flyback, quieter operation, less wear on the cutting chamber, and reduced fines and dust.

Heavy-Duty Granulators

SMS Series granulators from Herbold have been redesigned to cope with the most demanding heavy-duty size reduction applications in a single step. These machines are manufactured with rotor widths ranging from 23 ½” to 78 ¾” and with drive capacities between 60 and 420 HP. The knife design is segmental, thus ensuring a quick and easy exchange of the cutting tools. SMS Granulators are equipped with a third bed knife called a deflection wedge. When the deflection wedge is removed larger, bulky items can be easily accommodated.