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ILLIG Thermoformers for High Productivity, Product Quality and Operational Reliability – Wide Range of Groundbreaking Technologies on Display

Heilbronn/Germany and Orlando, May 7, 2018 – From May 7 to 11, 2018, ILLIG will be showcasing its state-of-the-art automatic roll-fed thermoforming machine IC-RDKP 72 with a separate forming and punching station at the NPE, booth number 3353, West Hall. The machine is equipped with the “IC” operating concept (ILLIG Intelligent Control Concept®), which enables the customer to get more out of his investment and also makes it much easier to operate. ILLIG will be giving live demonstrations of the production of a sophisticated hinged food pack made of APET with a film thickness of 0.4 mm. ILLIG will also be demonstrating IML-T® decorating of thermoformed packaging, large-scale production of capsules on RDM-K-series thermoformers, ILLIG’s Pactivity® concept in the development of packaging solutions, and Cleantivity®, clean production with increased productivity. ILLIG is shaping the technology of tomorrow’s high-quality and resource-saving thermoforming process. Productive, clean, energy efficient and sustainable.

Picture 1: ILLIG thermoforming machine IC-RDKP 72

Picture 1: IC-RDKP 72 automatic roll-fed thermoforming machine equipped with ILLIG IC control concept®. The efficiency of this machine will be demonstrated at NPE 2018 by production of a sophisticated hinged pack made of APET.

Picture 2: ILLIG In-Mold Labeling thermoforming machine IC-RDML 70

Picture 2: In-Mold Labeling IML-T®: Production of packs with brilliant decoration in one working step with ILLIG IC-RDML 70.

Picture 3: Variety of ILLIG thermoformed capsules for i.e. coffee and tea

Picture 3: Growing market for plastic capsules: More than 95 % of the thermoformed coffee capsules on the world market are being manufactured on ILLIG RDM-K machines. In the meantime some sorts of tea are also offered besides coffee in capsules. And systems based on capsules for soft drinks are also being developed.

IC – ILLIG Intelligent Control Concept® – Self-controlling Thermoformers with Intelligence

Heilbronn – With its “IC – ILLIG Intelligent Control Concept®“, ILLIG is raising thermoforming to a new, higher level. The modules developed for this purpose are built to boost the productivity, repeatability, availability and operating convenience of a thermoforming machine or a full thermoforming line. Dynamic process optimization as one element of this concept makes it possible for the first time to benefit extensively, rapidly and with minimized operator intervention from the best-in-class thermoforming technology offered by today's consistently servomotor-driven machine technology.

The IC - ILLIG intelligent control concept®

Picture 1 (IC): The IC – ILLIG intelligent control concept®: dynamic optimization of processes on a thermoforming line.

ILLIG - automatic optimization of operating sequences in a thermoforming line

Picture 2 (IC): The IC – ILLIG intelligent control concept® provides an automatic optimization of operating sequences in a thermoforming line.

ILLIG Cleantivity® in the Thermoforming Process – Clean Production with Increased Quality Time

Heilbronn – ILLIG, the system supplier for thermoforming solutions, will place its focus on clean production with increased machine availability. This is how the machine manufacturer selectively responds to market demands and ILLIG consistently pursues the strategy of increased productivity in thermoforming. It is the intent to optimize the thermoformer’s quality time, reduce planned standstill times and minimize scrap by clean production. To achieve this, ILLIG already realized numerous technical innovations in the machines and thus opens up a new development stage for its thermoformers.

ILLIG Cleantivity® - Quality time

Picture 1 (Cleantivity®): The DIN 8743 standard describes a time and calculation model. This model deduces the quality time from the theoretically usable time of the machine (24 hours per day), the machine time, the operating time and the running time.

ILLIG Cleantivity® - More quality time

Picture 2 (Cleantivity®): It is our intent to extend the operating time, the running time and, ultimately, the quality time of thermoforming machines by using Cleantivity®, so a high line output of high quality parts can be achieved.

Pactivity® – 360° Custom-made Packaging Development in Thermoforming

Heilbronn – ILLIG, the thermoforming systems supplier has decades of experience developing packaging and helping packaging manufacturers. When progressing from the original product idea all the way to the right tool design and production system, there are numerous requirements that have to be met. ILLIG will give the customer with Pactivity® insight into this process and offer their development services for thermoforming packaging – all from a single source.

ILLIG - Packaging development Pactivity®

Picture 1 (Pactivity®): Packaging development Pactivity® by ILLIG: In six steps from the application to the production system.

ILLIG - Packaging development Pactivity® - applications

Picture 2 (Pactivity®): Pactivity® - developed applications.