ITW Shakeproof Group

ITW Shakeproof Group

Dennis Mulvey |

New "BosScrew" thread forming screw for plastics available from ITW Shakeproof

There are plenty of good thread forming screws for plastics, but none of the current fasteners on the market will keep assemblies tight when subjected to thermocycling and vibration. Today there is the BosScrew. During thread rolling, pressure wells are added to the top flank of the thread. When the screw is installed, plastic will flow into these pressure wells, interlocking with the plastic. These features create an “uphill battle” for loosening even during vibration and temperature change. The BosScrew is the ONLY screw specifically designed NOT to loosen in plastic applications. Using this new product by ITW Shakeproof will insure the assembly will stay tight.

New steel "GripTide" insert for plastics available from ITW Shakeproof

Today’s brass inserts are high in cost and low in performance. Now there is GripTide inserts. GripTide insert is a low cost steel insert for plastics that surpassed brass inserts in quality, cost and performance. The GripTide insert utilizes cold forming and rolling to give the unique feature on the outside of the insert. This feature creates a permanent mechanical interference locking it in plastics. GripTide has best in class anti-rotation and high pullout. The pattern is compatible with all insert techniques and excels when using induction or insert-molding system. Using this new product by ITW Shakeproof will ensures the joint will simply stay tight.