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Heard at Re-Focus: We need sustainability reporting to ensure a robust and vital consumer base @PLASTICS_US @wbcsd @ecodesk

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Retweet if you're looking forward to another great day of engaging sessions at #Refocus17!

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Attendees gather to hear from nearly three dozen professionals and thought leaders sharing key insights at……

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Terry Gebhardt poses an interesting question: how can we make customers accept imperfections in #recycled materials……

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Incredible sustainable materials achievements by @Ford. Perfect message to kick-off @PLASTICS_US #refocus17!

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.@SABIC's Matt Morrison says global companies must consider the concept of circular economy when determining their……

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David Clark offers @amcorpackaging's unique perspective on circular economy as a partner of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation #Refocus17

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.@Ford’s Dr. Deborah Mielewski sets the tone for #Refocus17 explaining Ford’s outside-the-box solutions to improve……


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