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@Mel_Villeneuve Hi Melanie you can follow the floor plan live here: This will be updated as space is assigned!

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Last chance to tour the @OCCC. Shuttle departs at 1:30 for #SpaceDraw attendees. Don't get left behind and see what's new for #NPE2018.

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Your best oppty to reach decision makers in the bottling industry is with a booth in the Bottle Zone at #NPE2018. Don't miss it #SpaceDraw

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Reminder: Follow the #SpaceDraw selection in real-time at Booth selections for #NPE2018 begin at 9:45am EDT today.

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The answer is pre-show. Start writing your thank you emails now. Thanks to all who took the survey!…

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According to the Center for Exhibition Industry Research, 75% of attendees come to trade shows with an agenda. #SpaceDraw #NPE2018

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#NPE2018 pro-tip of the day: Make sure you have the right team members at your booth and invest in their training beforehand.

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#SpaceDraw day one recap: Over 500,000 square feet have been selected on the #NPE2018 show floor.

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Successful #SpaceDraw selection process for Day1. Check out the before and after of the @OCCC WestHall. Only a coup……


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