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These plastic patches provide a painless alternative to the flu vaccine: #PowerofPlastics

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The housing market is rebounding. Position your business to excel in building/construction at #NPE2018:……

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We are excited to welcome Megan Hayes as our new director of industry standards!

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Plastic microfluidic chips, capable of diagnosing conditions from a drop of blood, could revolutionize medicine:……

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@hamishms @CocaColaCo @Nestle We don't want marine animals ingesting plastics either, that’s why we’re working hard……

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Hear the stories of real-life heroes who rely on high-performance plastics to keep them safe:……

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We applaud the House for passing the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act, which is the first step to tax reform and will help our i……

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Want to increase your share of the $12.6 billion bottling industry? We've got you covered! #NPE2018 |……

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What happens to the plastic bottles you recycle? Watch this video and find out: #BeRecycled


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