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Thanks @WittBatt for letting us mix and mingle after an amazing day at #NPE2018.

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When you’re to busy to meditate, let a robot zen out for you. The precision and accuracy of robotic technology at t……

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Thanks @plasticsnews for the Parrot Head tunes and cool, tropical vibes at your networking event at #NPE2018!

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@nancyfranklin Learn more about our work to combat mariner litter:…

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@nancyfranklin Hey Nancy, we are also concerned about keeping the environment safe and clean, and there is a lot th……

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@Twizznit Hey Laurie, we also want to keep animals and the ocean safe. Whether an item is made of paper, plastic, g……

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@lostinthelab2 Thank you for joining us, Sandra! #refocus18 #NPE2018

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Walk (or run) on over to the 3D Printing Workshop and see how 3D/4D is revolutionizing the footwear industry with c……


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