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US primary plastics m/c shipments down 2.4% in Q3 2016 to $295m. @PLASTICS_US says only the second quarterly yr-on-……

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US trade association SPI rebrands with new name - Plastics Industry Association - and new website. @PLASTICS_US

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We have a new #blog series called, “I Made That.” Our first feature is CH3, maker of #plastic #athletic courts.……

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So glad to see the work we started fully complete. Love the new brand #plastics .…

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Thank you. We are glad you like it as well!…

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SPI Rebrands as the Plastics Industry Association @PLASTICS_US #plastic #plastics

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We are changing our name to better reflect who we as an organization are, and who the industry is. Follow……

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New logo identity - same support group!…


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