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Don't forget: These plastic items can be recycled too!

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Read why Rachel Daley of Mexichem Specialty Resins, Inc. loves her career in #plastics #FLiPFriday

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@PLASTICS_US own, Katie Hanczaryk, tearing it up on Future Leaders panel at #NAMCMA Way to go Katie!

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Plastic-picking robots boost recycling speed and precision. See how:

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In honor of #NationalImmunizationMonth , check out these #plastic patches that deliver vaccines painlessly:

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Recycling isn’t the only way that #plastics can be reused. See all the possibilities:

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From flexible robots to polymer skin, here are the top 10 innovations in #plastics:…

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Meet Olli, the self-driving electric vehicle that is made with 3-D printing technology and #plastics:

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Market outlooks and networking w/ 300 industry leaders aren’t the only highlights at #GPlasticsSummit. See more:

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