FLiP (Future Leaders in Plastics) Reception SOLD!

This reception will be the marquee event for our young professional community and those looking to meet the industry’s best young talent. PLASTICS’ FLiP Committee (Future Leaders in Plastics) will headline the event working with Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) and their student outreach. As a sponsor, your company will be promoted whenever and wherever the reception is promoted, garnering your brand exposure well beyond the walls of the reception itself. Aligning your organization with young professionals and their networking event will better position you as forward-thinking organization.

Contact NPE Sales at +1.703.259.6132 or to learn more. Sponsorship Investment: $10,000

International Reception  

Be the exclusive sponsor or coordinate with partners to host the event for the more than 16,000 international attendees. The reception will be the official and marquee events for international networking at NPE2018. The reception will take place at the International Trade Center located in the West Building.

Contact NPE Sales at +1.703.259.6132 or to learn more. Sponsorship Investment: $20,700



The Bottle Zone, located in the South Building, will be an invaluable resource for companies that work with PET pre-forms, molds, labeling, filling, closures, design, and inspection equipment in the field of bottle and container manufacturing, whether for beverages, pharmaceuticals, home products or personal care. The sponsorship includes branding on all promotion pre-show and on-site. The sponsorship will be customized based on the scope of the investment.

Contact NPE Sales at +1.703.259.6132 or to learn more. Co-sponsorship Investments: $10,000. Limited to 4 sponsorships


Bottle Zone Biergarten  

This sponsorship presents the opportunity to showcase your company’s involvement in the bottling industry. Promotional benefits include branding opportunities throughout the beer garden including, but not limited to coasters, menus, tables, bars, etc. Sponsorship Investment: $21,200

Contact NPE Sales at or 703.259.6132 for sponsorship investment options.


Re|focus Sustainability & Recycling Summit NEW @ NPE2018

The Plastics Industry Association and its Recycling Committee bring the third annual edition of the Re|focus Sustainability & Recycling Summit to NPE2018. The educational program focuses on the environmental challenges companies face in their supply chains and product design processes. Featured discussion topics address the real world challenges our industry faces when driving toward sustainable manufacturing.

Exhibits are slated to focus on plastics recyclers, toll service providers, equipment manufacturers, quality testing and regulatory compliance evaluation, additive manufacturers, suppliers of alternative materials, energy and water efficiency solutions, renewable energy options, sustainability and product design consulting services.

Sponsorship benefits include, but not limited to, speaking in the Re|focus conference, acknowledgment in all promotion pre-show and on-site. Branding with conference material.

Contact NPE Sales at or 703.259.6132 for additional information. Co-sponsorship fee: $10,000. Limited to 4 sponsorships.


Expert Super Sessions (available Mon-Thu) LIMITED AVAILABILITY

NPE will supply the room, the room set, audio-visual equipment, and most importantly, its marketing muscle while you are in charge of the content for these super sessions (known as Info-Sessions at NPE2015). Let us market your thought leadership under the official education program!

Contact NPE Sales at +1.703.259.6132 or to learn more. Sponsorship Investment: $3,500


NPE Network Sponsorships

Be a part of this new and innovative marketing tool to reach NPE2018 attendees online, onsite and on TV. The NPE Network will present your advertising message in video format to the NPE2018 audience online, on show hotel TVs, and at the show itself. Put your current promotional videos to work or create new customized videos to use on the NPE Network and for your own marketing needs!

To learn more, contact Jackie Dalzell (by email: or by phone: +1.513.338.2185). 


3D/4D Printing Zone

A technology zone dedicated to exploring the trends behind 3D and 4D prototype, mold components and finished parts, direct from digital files.

Contact NPE Sales Consultants at or +1.703.259.6132 to learn more.