Media Criteria

It is our pleasure to welcome accredited members of the media to cover NPE: The Plastics Show. To ensure we are providing our exhibitors access to media who are actively covering the show, we require working members of the media to verify their role. As such, we have developed the following criteria for complimentary working media badges. If you do not meet these criteria and wish to attend the event, we invite you to register as an attendee.

To qualify for media credentials:

  • The applicant should cover the plastics industry and its vertical markets, or be a mainstream business, technology reporter or national/local broadcaster looking to cover plastics industry news.
  • Editorial Only: Representatives from publications and other news media must represent editorial staff.
  • The following representatives are welcome to attend the show, but must register as an attendee—advertising sales representatives, producers, marketing staff, promotion companies, Social Media agencies, PR agencies, and Advertising/Branding agencies, casting directors, film makers, photographers for hire, spouses and children.
  • Exceptions may be made for local media interested in covering the show. Local media are encouraged to email for assistance with logistics.
  • Personal websites or personal travel blogs do not qualify for media credentials.
  • A history of being registered at previous events does not guarantee approval or waive the accreditation requirement. Travel to the show does not guarantee admittance.

NPE Qualification Criteria:

  • Only reporters and editors are eligible to receive media credentials.
  • Reporters and/or editors’ registration fees will be covered at the discretion of the Plastics Industry Association.
  • Reporters and/or editors are responsible for their own travel and lodging.

Vetting Criteria for Pending by Category:

All media registrations are reviewed prior to being approved by NPEshow management. Anyone who registers as “media” may be asked to meet the following criteria to be approved by the show:


Magazine and Newspaper Editorial Staff, Freelance and Contributing Writers and Photographers: 
Please provide two (2) of the following acceptable credentials for review and consideration by NPE show management:
  • A scanned copy of the publication masthead including your name and title.
  • A scanned copy or link to original, bylined editorial work, showing product coverage within the industry from the last three months.
  • An email or scan of original letter on the assigning publication’s letterhead from assigning editor or news director with a writing assignment detailing a specific coverage assignment at the show.
Please submit and verify all following acceptable credentials for review and consideration by NPE show management:
  • URL of your blog
  • Site analytics showing least 5,000 unique visits per month
  • Blog content must be original and updated at least two times a week.
TV Crews, Reporters, Cameras / Photo Editors / Technicians: 
Please provide the following acceptable credentials for review and consideration by NPE show management:
  • Network News: A business card from a major TV network reflecting your editorial role.
  • Non-network outlets: A letter from the news director or assignment editor on station/network letterhead stating that you have been assigned to represent the organization in an editorial capacity. Non-network outlets include small news channels, independent news, web news, etc.
Please Note the Following:
  • NPE show management will approve one publisher per media outlet, but that publisher will need to provide the above credentials for review and consideration. If the publisher does not have an editorial role and cannot verify an editorial history, he/she must register as an attendee. Any additional publishers from an outlet will need to register as attendees.
  • Self-promoting blogs and blogs that merely aggregate third-party content, will not be considered. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest sites, forums, crowd sourcing sites and users groups will not be considered for working media credentials, but can register as attendees. YouTube may be considered depending on content type, email for review and consideration.
  • With a working media badge, photographers are not permitted to solicit their services. Producers are welcome to attend, but must register as attendees.

On-site Media Registration

If you choose to register on-site, please be sure to bring printed copies of the qualification criteria, as noted above.
The Following On-Site Registrants Will Not Be Provided Media Badges:
  • Freelancers without a specific editorial assignment
  • Photographers without a specific/written editorial assignment
  • Blog writers/owners who do not provide the defined site analytics, been covering products in the industry for at least one (1) year. Personal blogs/hobby blogs do not qualify as media.
  • Requests from those without the credentials criteria required, as detailed above
  • People who applied online and were already denied credentials
  • Local media that does not cover the industry
Right of refusal:
NPE show management reserves the right to deny media credentials at their sole discretion. Show management also reserves the right to modify media qualification criteria at any time. Misconduct or misrepresentation of position and/or publication/news organization will bar you and your organization from all future NPE events.
By registering for the show, you explicitly consent to receive fax, telephone and email communications from NPE and the Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS) under 47 U.S.C. Code 227 and any other applicable regulations.
Travel to the show location does not guarantee admittance.

For questions related to receiving media credentials, press kits or other media related issues, please contact the NPE Communications Team.