We cover the latest advances in plastics for medical devices.

Want to explore the many new innovations being developed in health care? We’ve got all the resources you need.

Revenue for medical device manufacturing is expected to rise 3 percent annually through 2023, driven by technological advances and an aging population—and next-generation plastics will play a huge role. Gain a significant competitive advantage by learning about all of the exciting breakthroughs and innovations in plastics today—automation, materials and additives, prototyping, injection molding, coatings and more.

New Materials

To stay competitive, medical device manufacturers need plastics that deliver high performance, cost effectiveness and design flexibility—and new materials are opening new doors. To see the latest materials and applications, visit the Bottle Zone, Medical Processing Parts Zone, Flexible Vinyl Zone and Material Science Zone on the NPE show floor.

3D Printing

3D printing offers incredible opportunities for the design and production of medical devices—and this developing technology is poised to expand further in the coming years. The 3D/4D Printing Zone showcases recent advances and exciting applications.


Energy-efficient, eco-friendly materials and manufacturing processes not only benefit the environment but also save energy and cut production costs. Explore all of the latest innovations related to sustainability in plastics in the Re|focus Zone.